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Directional road signs are not a benefit that we can count with in Costa Rica roads and highways, and although some intersections are properly signed and easy to look and read, some other intersections are not so well signed and/or the directional signs are not very clear or easy to read. However, traffic signs, such as stop and yield signs, are more visible and they are almost everywhere.

Since in Costa Rica we use the metric system, all road information is base in kilometers and kilometers per hour.

Don’t let the lack of Costa Rica Road signs to stop you from enjoying your time in Costa Rica, a good tip is to use landmarks as reference points, such as the name of towns along the way, especially where a turn is necessary, as well as restaurants, bars and other places that Costa Rica people will usually use to give directions (Costa Rica directions).

If you rent a vehicle is also recommended to rent a GPS system from the Car Rental, so that you can have extra help and your driving experience can be more rewarding.